My story is a tale of serendipitous encounters, overflowing passion, research and unyielding dedication.

I was working in Los Angeles, at a time when, after my first stint in the corporate world, I was moving my very first steps as an entrepreneur.

As I strolled down Venice Beach my gaze was struck by a pitch black shed — an odd sight those days.

Inebriated by the Sun shining through the palm-lined avenues, I resolved that pitch black as my stylistic key. I returned to Italy and recreated my black vision: BLACK STUDIO was born. Black as the synthesis of all colors, black as the perfect setting to exalt the infinite shades of denim, black as the beginning of all paths.

What we do

Denim has always starred as the main character of this tale: timeless, yet never to be taken for granted. I fell in love with it at a very young age, and could never let go of it. It fascinates me, it haunts me. It entails continuous technological advance: for new materials, fresh fits, new washings, new processes. It’s this approach that over the years has granted me the total know-how I long to put at the service of companies, aligning products with their established brand identity, yet always looking at the avantgarde, synchronicity with the times. I was lucky enough to witness the evolution of denim as it was born in the Denim Valley of North-Eastern Italy. Having soaked my hands deep in this profession, I am more than ever aware of just how of a dirty job this is, in some respects. That is why for years I have been carrying out my personal quest for an up-to-date interpretation of the denim world, one that is sustainable, responsible, circular and transparent. The one true mission of Black Studio today is to treasure past experiences, not betray tradition, and make denim current and conscious while respecting the surrounding environment and the era in which we live. Denim is today reinventing itself once more, and it is once again confirming its immortality.